Aşezarea numeroaselor vetre de emigranţi musulmani, în 1263, întru conducerea lui Sarî Saltîk Baba în Rumelisaray a constituit începutul Hijrei islamice în Balcani.

Epitaful lui Sarî Saltîk Baba ridicat în vilaietul Dobrogei, construit prin firmanul sultanului Baiazid al II-lea este vizitat de toţi sultanii ce tăbară către Pontul Euxin în expediţiile lor, de pildă sultanul Suleyman cel Magnific în 1538, Osman al II-lea în 1620 şi mulţi alţii.


The Fifth Stage

The seeking of proximity is derived from the word قرب which means –nearness– i.e., –nearness to Allah–

This idea alongisde the other four stages makes man a moral medium in all stages of the latter.

It generates a healthy relationship of man with his soul in the beginning and with his fellow-beings in the later stages.


حجة الله البالغة

Powers of inspection

With a view to examine whether, by reason of any failure or negligence on the part of secretary in the performance of his executive or administrative duties, any loss or damage has been caused to any VAKF or VAKF property the secretarul general de Vakâf, or any other person authorised by him in writing in this behalf, may inspect all moveable and immoveable properties which are VAKF properties, and all records, correspondence, plans, accounts and other documents relating thereto:

Provided that such inspection shall be made in relation to every VAKF having an annual income.

Whenever any such inspection as is referred to is made, the concerned secretary and all officers and other employees working under him, and every person connected with the administration of the VAKF shall extend to the person making such inspection, all such assistance and facilities as may be necessary and reasonably required by him to carry out such inspection, and shall also produce for inspection any moveable property or documents relating to the VAKF as may be called for by the person making the inspection and furnish him such information relating to the VAKF as may be required by him.

Where after any such inspection, it appears that the concerned secretary or any officer or other members who is working under him or had been working under him in the past, had, misappropriated, misapplied, or fraudulently retained, any money or other VAKF property, or had incurred irregular, unauthorised or improper expenditure from the funds of the VAKF, the secretary-general may after giving the secretary or the person concerned a reasonable opportunity of showing cause why an order for the recovery or the amount or property aforesaid should not be passed against him, and after considering such explanation, if any, as such person may furnish, determine the amount or the property which has been misappropriated, misapplied or fraudulently retained, or the amount of the irregular, unauthorised or improper expenditure incurred; by such person, and make an order directing such person to make payment of the amount so determined from his personal funds, and not from the funds of the VAKF, or as the cause may be, to restore the property aforesaid to the VAKF, within such time as may be specified in the order.

A secretary or other person aggrieved by such order may, within thirty days of the receipt by him of the order, appeal to Înalta Curte de Şaria–Curtea Penală:

Provided that no such appeal shall be entertained by the ÎCŞ-CP unless the appellant first deposits with the secretary-general the amount which has been determined as being payable to the appellant and the ÎCŞ-CP shall have no power to make any order staying, pending the disposal of the appeal, the operation of the order made by the secretary-general.

The ÎCŞ-CP, after taking such evidence as it may think fit, may confirm, reverse or modify the order made by the secretary-general or may remit, either in whole or in part, the amount specified in such order and may make such orders as to costs as it may think appropriate in the circumstances of the case.

The order made by the ÎCŞ-CP shall be final.


Where any secretary or other person who has been ordered, whether under to make any payment or to restore the possession of any property, omits or fails to make such payment or restoration the times specified in such order, the secretary-general shall take such steps as within he may think fit for the recovery of possession of the property aforesaid and shall also send a certificate to the Garda Saraya of the regională in which the property of such secretary or other person is situate, stating therein the amount that has been determined by him or by the ÎCŞ-CP, as the case may be, as being payable by such secretary or other person, and, thereupon, the Saraya shall recover the amount specified in such certificate as if it were an arrear of land revenue and on the recovery of such amount, pay the same to the secretary-general, who shall, on receipt thereof, credit the amount to the funds of the selected VAKF.

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