al Cincilea sfetnic al lui

Iblis spune:

It is the warmth of your breath that

keeps the affairs of this world stable,

You have unveiled every hidden fact,

whenever you have wished to do so.

Thanks to your efforts, this earth has

become a hub of beauty and actions,

And thanks to your guidance, the innocuous of the

paradise (Man) has become the master of skills.


[aab-o-gill (apă și lut) adică „pământul”]


[al cincilea sfetnic îl reasigură pe Iblis că este superior atât îngerilor cât și oamenilor; el spune că, încrezându-se, prin nerozie, în Iblis și intrând în capcana lui, în consecință lipsindu-se de toate privilegiile Paradisului, omul s-a demonstrat naiv și slab. Dacă omul a devenit stăpânul artelor și cunoștințelor în contemporaneitate, meritul îi aparține lui Iblis pentru că l-a învățat toate acestea]

The one known as God among the innocent masses,

Does not know the human nature,

better than you do.


[al cincilea sfetnic merge încă și mai departe și-l proclamă pe Iblis deasupra lui Allah spunând: „tu, Iblis, înțelegi natura umană mai bine decât cel cunoscut naivelor mase ca Dumnezeu”]

Those (angels) who were always preoccupied in

mere praising the Lord, glorifying Him

and running in circles,

Are in eternal remorse and hang their heads

in shame before your pride.


[se referă, desigur, la îngeri]

All the spellcasters of Europe are

your disciples though,

I no longer trust their sagacity.

That mischief mongering Jew,

that personified the spirit of Mazdak,

his fanatic zeal is about to tear apart every robe.


[Mazdak (moare în 524 d.H.) a fost un preot zoroastru persan, reformator și activist religios care s-a intitulat profetul lui Ahura Mazda; el a promovat conceptul proprietății colective și a introdus programe de bunăstare socială. Cultul lui Mazdak este considerat o erezie în zoroastrism iar mulți îl percep ca fiind un socialist (marxist) al vremurilor sale]

The wretched crow is vying to be at par

with the falcon and the hawk,

Look, how fast the temperament of

the times change.


[referindu-se la ascensiunea comunismului și marxismului, al cincilea sfetnic afirmă că săracii și nenorociții pământului au început să pretindă drepturi și privilegii precum domnii feudali și baronii bogați]

But today, it has become restless and

has totally occupied the skies,

In our ignorance, we had considered this

as a mere handful of dust.

The fear of the future crises is so dominant today,

the mountains, the gardens and the streams,

are all trembling in horror.

My Lord, that world is about to be upside down,

Which depends totally on your hegemony.


[al cincilea sfetnic își încheie remarcile concluzionând că adevărata provocare stă în schimbarea radicală în gândirea umană pricinuită de marxism și îl avertizează pe Iblis că aceasta poate ruina Imperiul Răului]



Allah’s Answer

Your clothes are unsoiled

by the dust of your land,

you are Joseph

for whom all Egypt is Canaan.

Never will ill fortune

ever afflict your caravan,

with nothing to lose,

only a bell in your hand,

you flame like a tree of candles

your roots like wicks smoulder,

your glow is the premonition

of a new day.

You will outlive

the ravaging of Iran,

the wine cup has little to do

with the strength of the intoxicant.

It is obvious from the annals

of the Tartar hordes

the Ka’aba got its guardians,

from idolaters’ ranks.

You hold the oars

of this boat of virtue.

Tomorrow is still in darkness,

and you are the faint new star.

Will not the bedlam

of the Bulgar invasion

stir you out of your beds

of complacency?

You think this is still a time

for conciliation?

It is the time

for sacrifice and self-assertion.

Why quiver in the face

of your enemy?

Truth’s radiance

will not be eclipsed by adversity.

The world is blind

to your true worth, but

the community of your God

has need of you.

It is your susurration

that keeps the world alive,

you are the lodestar

of its very destiny.

There is a lot to do,

no time to stand and stare

You are bidden – spread

the light of faith everywhere.

Let not the flower’s perfume

be stymied in the bud,

let its fragrance escape,

lift it up to the breeze

let it spread all through the meadow.

Grow, from nothingness

to infinity. Grow,

from tinkling wave

to roaring storm.

Use the power of His love;

rise up to great heights,

make Muhammad’s Name

transform darkness into light.

Were there no flowers,

would bulbuls sing?

In the garden of the world,

would buds blossom?

Without the saaqi,

would there be ewer, or wine?

Without flocks of His faithful,

where would you be?

Heaven’s dome is stayed

by the prop of His Name,

His worth keeps the hot blood

racing in your veins.

In wastelands, in grasslands,

on hillsides, and beyond,

on crests of waves,

in the heart of storms,

in the cities of Kithay,

in the wilderness of Marrakesh,

He remains the essence

of every Muslim’s faith.

Let the world see Him manifest

to the end of time

and bear witness

to the glory of His Name.

Black pupil in your eye,

this Dark Continent,

this land seeped

in the blood of martyrs,

this land purified

by the sun’s searing heat,

this land that lovers

call the land of Bilal.

That sparkle in the eye,

the heat of the flame,

shimmers like mercury

with His Name.

Wisdom is your armour,

Allah’s love is a blade,

the call to His greatness

a raging fire.

O Dervish!

The leadership of the world is yours!

You are Muslim, destined

for all that you aspire.

Remain loyal to Muhammad

and We are yours.

This world is as nothing,

you shall hold the quill

to the decrees of eternity!

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